Please email to check availability for your chosen date. We can then discuss times, location and any specific requirements you may have such as special requests or arrangements.

Deposit & Payment

A non-refundable deposit (by cheque) is required after confirmation of the booking. On the day of the event the balance of the payment is required in cash on the completion of the performance.

Please make your cheque payable to Jane Browne and send to:

The Adriamus String Quartet
Little Bells
81 Nargate Street
Kent CT3 1UJ

Terms & Conditions

1) Fee - consists of two parts: i) a non-refundable deposit to be paid within fourteen (14) days of the booking confirmation, ii) the balance, which will normally be in cash payable on the day at the completion of the performance. We can alternatively invoice for the balance or the full amount, but only by prior arrangement.

2) Times - will be agreed when booking. We will try to accommodate changes by the client up to the date of the event if at all possible. The period of charging is a continuous block of time from the agreed performance start to the performance completion, inclusive of any rest periods and/or breaks in the proceedings. A three (3) hour booking will be a block of three (3) hours, e.g. 12.00 - 3.00pm, or 4.00 - 7.00pm. The client cannot book for two (2) hours and have the quartet play 12.00 - 1.00pm and then 2.00 - 3.00pm, this would constitute a three (3) hour booking. If the events on the day run late we will endeavour to do our best to run with things, but this is by negotiation with the quartet directly as to whether they can continue the performance past the agreed completion time.

3) Repertoire - consists of classical, jazz, show/film/tv and popular music. The client needs to advise us at least one (1) month ahead of the event what kind of pieces they would prefer, or leave it to the quartet to play a mixture from the repertoire (recommended). Special requests for the entrance processional, signing of the register and exit recessional also need to be agreed at least one (1) month ahead.

4) Players - if, for any reason, one of the quartet is unable to be present, we will ensure a replacement of equal musical standing and experience.

5) Arranging service - if there is a specific piece that the client wishes to be played at the event and it is not in the repertoire, we can write an arrangement for the quartet specially, for a small additional fee. This needs to be agreed as soon after the booking confirmation as possible. The latest that the client can ask for this service is two (2) months ahead of the event.

6) Communication - the client will provide all the necessary details for the booking such as names, contact details, event date, times, venue details, repertoire choice, special requests, directions, contact name and mobile number for use on the day, any special instructions etc. We will answer any enquiries, confirm the booking, acknowledge receipt of the deposit, and reconfirm all the details close to the event. The method of communication will normally be by email, but can also be by telephone or post if preferred by the client.

7) Dress - the quartet will wear formal evening dress, with a choice of black or white jackets for the gentlemen.

8) Lighting - the quartet need adequate background lighting to be able to read the music. If in doubt a large standard lamp just beside them will provide enough light for this purpose.

9) Seating - the quartet will require four (4) chairs, preferably without arms.

10) Shade - if on the day of the event it is hot, sunny and the quartet are playing outside, there must be some shade for the quartet to play under, e.g. a gazebo, large parasol, etc.

11) Breaks - suitable breaks will be taken during the performance which will amount to approximately ten (10) minutes in every hour. These may be grouped together to form a single longer break if that is more appropriate for the running of the event.

12) Refreshments - the client will provide soft drinks, tea and coffee during the performance. Sandwiches or light snacks are only required for a four (4) hour booking but are always welcome.

13) Cancellation penalties - within thirty (30) days 25% of the balance outstanding; within seven (7) days 50% of the balance outstanding.

14) Complaints procedure - The Adriamus String Quartet takes any complaints extremely seriously. We request that if the client has a complaint they should send it in writing within twenty eight (28) days of the performance.